The Beach and the Pier in Międzyzdroje

Undoubtedly the biggest tourist attraction of Miedzyzdroje is its wide picturesque sandy beach. 

While in the beach you can see Świnoujście and, on the other side, the tall majestic cliff with the Kawcza Mountain, Biała Mountain, and the Gosań Hill. There is the famous pier on the beach at the height of the centre of Międzyzdroje that goes out deep into the sea. The main entrance to the beach is also there. There is a fishermen base at the end of the beach. In their little restaurants and bars you can always get a fresh and tasty fish. At present the pier in Międzyzdroje is 395 meters long and there is a haven for tourist ships at its end. It offers a magnificent view of the sea, the beach, and the Wolin cliff. At the top of the pier there is a haven for tourist ships on which you can sail to Świnoujście and to the German coastal towns of Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf. The entrance to the pier is free.