The Świna Strait

The waters of the Odra River supply the Baltic Sea through three straits: Peenestrom on the west, Świna between the islands of Usedom and Wolin, and Dziwna in the east. In the middle of the eighteenth century at the mouth of Świna a seaport was established.

Breakwaters built in the nineteenth century today are a tourist attraction. The eastern breakwater reminds a 1,5 km long stone pier with an excellent vantage point. There is one of the symbols of Świnoujście on the western breakwater – the Stawa Młyny tower (the Świnoujście windmill) and the highest, 68 meter high lighthouse on the Baltic Sea, which is open for sightseeing. From here you can see the Szczecin Lagoon, the surrounding islands in the delta of Świna, Świnoujscie and the port. Several hundred steps which you need to take to get to the top is a nice workout for your body. 



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