AQUAMARINA in Międzyzdroje






Dear Sir or Madam,

in these unprecedented times, our priority consists in ensuring a sense of safety and well-being to all our Guests. We have used best efforts to make that the time spent in AQUAMARINA is a ‘breath’ upon the weeks spent in the insulation. 

Below we present a description of the measures introduced in the AQUAMARINA facilities in Międzyzdroje and Świnoujście based on the WHO’s recommendations and guidance announced by the Ministry of Economic Development in consultation with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS), as of 28 April 2020.

Our employees

  • are subject to control prior to a commencement of the work on the everyday basis; their body temperature, feeling unwell and other symptoms suggesting an infection are verified. In case of an occurrence of the aforementioned symptoms they are sent home and obliged to notify the relevant services.
  • in order to ensure safety both of our Guests and theirs, they have been equipped with the protective face shields and single-use gloves, as well as atomisers for hand disinfection.

In addition:

  • in order to limit a direct contact, all receptions are equipped with the special shields separating Guests from the employees,
  • work stations are disinfected after each employee change.

Our Guests

  • receive small bottles with a disinfectant on a complimentary basis, which can be found in the apartments,
  • are given the opportunity to purchase the single-use face masks (please ask at the reception),
  • may have a contactless body temperature measurement.

In addition:

  • disinfecting mats and dispensers with liquid hand sanitiser have been placed in front of the buildings,
  • waste bins for preventive waste (masks, gloves) have been placed at the entrance door,
  • at our reception you will find a phone number for the nearest Sanitary and Epidemiological station and medical services.


  • all apartments are disinfected after a departure of our guests,
  • when cleaning the apartments and generally accessible zones in our facilities, we use chemicals of the highest quality,
  • apartments and common premises are ventilated on the regular basis to ensure a proper air circulation,
  • we apply the highest standards related to the quality of bedclothes and towels laundering, confirmed by the EUROPRAL laundry certificate validating that towels and bedclothes are laundered at a minimum temperature of 60℃, and the entire process is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

For all of us

  • safety zones have been introduced at the receptions and near to the lifts to maintain a recommended distance,
  • we disinfect all places exposed to touch several times a day, e.g. door handles, tables in the generally accessible areas, lift buttons,
  • maximum two persons may be in the lifts (the aforementioned is not applicable to the families and persons who are checked-in in the same apartment),
  • marketing materials are removed from the apartments and common areas to reduce the possibility of a contamination,
  • materials regarding AQUAMARINA facilities can be obtained from our employees at the reception,
  • internal regulations concerning a detection of any suspicion of COVID-19 at the AQUAMARINA facilities, including: apartments for isolation situated away from the lifts and communication routes are designated. A person suspected of getting COVID-19 disease is safely moved to an isolation apartment, in which he/she waits on an arrival of the sanitary services informed about the aforementioned by us. During this time, we will provide her/him with an access to communication via a mobile phone, and the apartment in which the concerned Guest has stayed is disinfected.


We accept all methods of payment, but due to your and our security, we prefer non-cash transactions, of which, for example, the BLIK payment system is a fully contactless system.